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January 2014 Cleanse – Day 3

I slept from about 10 PM until 4:40 AM. Tried to go back to sleep but that didn’t happen. Got up and had coffee with coconut oil but decided to switch from a coconut oil cleanse to a broth fast. Of course after making that decision I wanted to drink more coffee right away…with coconut oil. I didn’t but I ended up drinking Teecino in the evening blended with coconut oil. As much as I want to do a strict broth/juice fast, I just don’t think I have it in me this time. Last night was really hard actually and I was tempted to eat all night long.

I felt that adding antimicrobials while fasting wasn’t a good idea, so decided to skip them. My body is probably going through enough die off from fasting alone. But then later added back in my wormwood tincture (1/4 of the recommended dose) which gave me a headache I believe and caused me to feel more withdrawn again.

The heart rate issue is frustrating and one of my persistent symptoms that I haven’t found a solution to – yet. It’s the whole POTS issue. So I got up and my heart rate walking around was around 110 to 112. Sitting it was hovering around 72 to 74. Once my morning dose of hydrocortisone kicked in my heart rate dropped like it usually does. Walking around it was only in the 90s, however, any kind of exertion other than just walking raises it way too much. For example, I went to the garage to get some paper towels. Our garage is 8 steps down from the first floor. By the time I had walked back up to the kitchen from the garage, my heart rate went up to 120. From walking down and back up EIGHT steps. This is the reason I take a beta blocker because without it, I would not be doing much all day. Even raising my arms to brush my hair or get something from a top shelf cabinet raises my heart rate way too much.

Symptoms AM:

  • Left eye lid mildly swollen, right eye lid mores swollen but not as bad as yesterday
  • Heart rate walking around kitchen 110ish, sitting 74
  • Definite coated tongue
  • Fluid retention (detox??) but that is why my heart rate is lower – can’t figure out that connection either
  • Mild anxiety/negativity
  • Slight upper and lower (sacrum) backache
  • No motivation
  • Belly more bloated than yesterday morning

Symptoms Throughout Day:

  • Eye lids and face back to normal by mid-afternoon
  • Negativity went away and I felt like myself – joyful, motivated happy – until I took wormwood
  • Heart rate got worse throughout day for which I took Metoprolol
  • Tongue more coated
  • Increased headache early evening sometime after taking wormwood
  • Feeling cold and cold hands and feet
  • Very hungry
  • Very, very tempted to eat
  • Distended abdomen after broth and rest of day

Detox Support:

I did not do enough for detox today.

  • Well Belly applied to abdomen after shower (no bath today)
  • Castor oil mixed with essential oils (clary sage, frankincense, myrrh, peppermint, lavender) applied to abdomen and liver/gallbladder at bedtime
  • Physical therapy – not sure if this is actually detox support but I happened to have an appointment today

Antimicrobials/Digestive Support:

  • Bee Propolis Extract (took a few extra dropperfulls just because I like the taste)
  • Wormwood
  • Digestive Enzymes

Liquids Consumed:

  • Organic coffee blended with coconut oil
  • Filtered water (we have a whole house water filter for crud and fluoride)
  • Filtered water with electrolytes, micro minerals, and borax
  • Clear vegetable broth (from kale, parsley, cilantro, tomatoes, zucchini)
  • MISO soup (water and Miso Master miso)
  • GF Teecino Dark Roast blended with coconut oil

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