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Coffee Smoothie

It’s hot outside and I didn’t feel like eating a big lunch. A smoothie sounded good and since I am able to eat just about anything now, I decided to experiment with a smoothie recipe. It turned out pretty good.

Sorry – no pictures and I need to get one of those recipe plug-ins!

what you need:

1 cup strong brewed coffee or decaff

1.5 tablespoons coconut oil

1/4 cup homemade kefir (I filter out the whey so it’s pretty thick)

2 scoops LIVfit superfood blend

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 tablespoon collagen protein powder

4 drops liquid stevia

ice cubes to taste

what you do:

Place all ingredients except ice cubes in a blender and mix well. Add ice cubes to taste/thickness. Enjoy.

Guten Appetit!


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