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September 2013: Days 2 through 5 at Sophia Health

Despite having more time this trip, I did not get to finish writing about all my appointments. Unfortunately now most of what happened is sort of a blur. I did try to record the appointments, but I am not sure everything was recorded. I haven’t even checked the recordings yet. Things have been really busy […]

A Lump in my Neck and More Dental Work

So much has happened since my cavitation surgery early July. Actually, a couple days before the cavitation surgery I noticed a big, hard lump in my neck. The next day it seemed smaller, the day after that I had the surgery, and then things kind of went crazy with die off, pain, gallbladder attacks, anxiety […]

Low Testosterone and Elevated Cortisol

A few days ago I posted about dealing with anxiety, negativity, and thoughts and fear of failure. All those can be due to Lyme disease and/or co-infections like Babesia, Bartonella, and others. However, I believe my symptoms may have been from a lack of testosterone and too much hydrocortisone.

So after the cavitation surgery I […]

The Invisible Side of Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

Last week I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Nina Foley, the dentist who did my latest cavitation surgery. I wrote about this surgery and the recovery here and here. Some of the sutures had already dissolved when I went to see her and one of her assistants took out the remaining sutures. My […]

Cavitation Surgery Part 2

On Tuesday I blogged about the first six days after my cavitation surgery which you can read about here. I have been improving steadily and figuring things out. I had mentioned that I woke up with a headache on day 6 and that headache continued all day. I now believe this was due to low […]

Cavitation Surgery

During my last visit to Seattle to see my doctors at Sophia Health Institute, Dr. K pointed out that I have a cavitation on the bottom right where my wisdom tooth used to be. He wanted me to get it surgically removed that same day but the dentist he normally refers people to was going […]