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January 2014 Cleanse – Day 5

Yesterday was not a good day. I had a nasty headache by mid-afternoon and in the evening I just wanted to eat. I held out for a long time but around 7:30 PM I finally gave in…and then regretted it. But today was/is a new day and I went back to fasting.

Symptoms AM:

Left […]

January 2014 Cleanse – Day 3

I slept from about 10 PM until 4:40 AM. Tried to go back to sleep but that didn’t happen. Got up and had coffee with coconut oil but decided to switch from a coconut oil cleanse to a broth fast. Of course after making that decision I wanted to drink more coffee right away…with coconut […]

January 2014 Cleanse – Day 2

I slept pretty good until about 4 AM. Got up to use the bathroom then went back to bed and sort of dozed off until about 5:20 AM. Not bad considering I went to bed at 9 o’ clock last night.

Symptoms AM:

Left eye lid mildly swollen, right eye lid extremely swollen (not sure […]

January 2014 Cleanse – Day 1

So I ate crap yesterday. Actually, I ate sort of crappy the last two days. This is in part why I felt rough this morning when I woke up. It is really not a good idea to eat a TON of food or to eat in an unhealthy manner ever, but certainly not the day […]

September 2013: Days 2 through 5 at Sophia Health

Despite having more time this trip, I did not get to finish writing about all my appointments. Unfortunately now most of what happened is sort of a blur. I did try to record the appointments, but I am not sure everything was recorded. I haven’t even checked the recordings yet. Things have been really busy […]

A Lump in my Neck and More Dental Work

So much has happened since my cavitation surgery early July. Actually, a couple days before the cavitation surgery I noticed a big, hard lump in my neck. The next day it seemed smaller, the day after that I had the surgery, and then things kind of went crazy with die off, pain, gallbladder attacks, anxiety […]

The Invisible Side of Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

Last week I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Nina Foley, the dentist who did my latest cavitation surgery. I wrote about this surgery and the recovery here and here. Some of the sutures had already dissolved when I went to see her and one of her assistants took out the remaining sutures. My […]

Ups and Downs

Mornings are usually the hardest on me. My face looks like I aged 5 years overnight, lines around my eyes are more pronounced, face overall is pretty pale but cheeks are red, face is puffy and pores are slightly visible. My heart rate has been hovering in the 180s when I first get up, I […]

I Feel Like Death

Yesterday I took all supps/meds except Diflucan, clay, and my berberine/GSE supp. Throughout the day I was starting to feel worse and worse. My body was “expanding” and by evening, my jeans which had been loose earlier in the day, were skin tight on my thighs, hips, and butt. My stomach was more distended than […]

Die Off

Yesterday I took almost all my new supps and I was definitely feeling the die off by mid afternoon. Two days ago I had horrible, horrible heart racing. I took a beta blocker right after getting up around 6:30 AM and by 9 AM I felt like I needed another one. My heart rate was […]