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January 2014 Cleanse – Day 5

Yesterday was not a good day. I had a nasty headache by mid-afternoon and in the evening I just wanted to eat. I held out for a long time but around 7:30 PM I finally gave in…and then regretted it. But today was/is a new day and I went back to fasting.

Symptoms AM:

Left […]

January 2014 Cleanse – Day 3

I slept from about 10 PM until 4:40 AM. Tried to go back to sleep but that didn’t happen. Got up and had coffee with coconut oil but decided to switch from a coconut oil cleanse to a broth fast. Of course after making that decision I wanted to drink more coffee right away…with coconut […]

January 2014 Cleanse – Day 2

I slept pretty good until about 4 AM. Got up to use the bathroom then went back to bed and sort of dozed off until about 5:20 AM. Not bad considering I went to bed at 9 o’ clock last night.

Symptoms AM:

Left eye lid mildly swollen, right eye lid extremely swollen (not sure […]

January 2014 Cleanse – Day 1

So I ate crap yesterday. Actually, I ate sort of crappy the last two days. This is in part why I felt rough this morning when I woke up. It is really not a good idea to eat a TON of food or to eat in an unhealthy manner ever, but certainly not the day […]

Chuck, Ribs, Stew Meat, and T-Bone

I am finally back to normal amounts of food since breaking my fast last week Thursday and had the most amazing lunch today. Well, at least I thought it was amazing. I had a slow roasted chuck roast in the freezer that I had prepared just like my slow roasted beef ribs which I took […]

I Broke My Fast

I made it 17 days and broke my fast on Thursday. The first few days of the fast were incredibly hard, then it got much easier, and then it was a struggle again. I think it got harder when I started drinking Kombucha because my first batch was finally done and I LOVE it. Although […]

Breaking my Fast

Yesterday was the last day of my fast which means I made it 17 days.

Spring 2012 Fast: Day 5

I had a rough day yesterday. Just felt out of it, negative, and angry that I “have” to fast to feel better. I didn’t feel like blogging about it either. I really, really wanted to quit but stuck it out. Today I feel a little better. However, I still have a headache and backache. The […]

Spring 2012 Fast: Day 3

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. I woke up with a nasty headache going all the way down my neck and into my upper back and it never went away, despite the fact that I did 3 coffee enemas in a row. I was out of it all day as well just feeling […]

Spring 2012 Fast: Day 1.1 and Common Detox Symptoms

Since I had some coconut oil yesterday I didn’t really feel right counting today as day 2 so therefore I am calling this day 1.1. I woke up with a pretty bad headache and slept horribly. Had a small cup of coffee and some water, then did some coffee enemas. Those totally took my headache […]