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Spring 2012 Fast: Day 1

As I mentioned in my blog post about fasting earlier today, I did not do an enema or take Epsom salt this morning. Right about now I am really regretting that decision. I started getting a headache around 6 PM, I feel fairly worn out, my mouth is dry, and I am in a bad […]

Ways and Benefits of Fasting

I have fasted on and off for a very long time but never on a regular basis. In 2004 I was dealing with a parasite called Blastocystis hominis and I also had a lot of abdominal distention after eating. It wasn’t until later that I found out that I needed to supplement with betaine […]

Fall Fast Day 16

I have the usual symptoms. Not much has changed. Yesterday my stomach was almost completely flat when I got up and within 30 minutes of having some clear vegetable broth it was distended again. It’s so aggravating I want to scream. Tomorrow I am breaking the fast sort of with ghee. Tuesday I will add […]

Fall Fast Day 13

I slept badly again, waking quite often. Maybe it’s because of the roach I found in the kitchen cabinet last night. I hate roaches. I am actually thinking about leaving today.

Because I was feeling rather poorly yesterday, emotionally and physically, I decided to add a bit of tomato juice back in. However, my heart […]

Fall Fast Day 12

I can’t believe I am on day 12 already. It has gone by relatively fast. This morning I had the same symptoms as the last two days, but my heart rate shot up all the way into the 170s. Amazing what removing that little bit of juice did to me. My blood sugar was down […]

Fall Fast Day 11

I woke up with a headache, swollen eye lids, puffy face, fatigue, heart rate in the 150s, weak, dizzy, and out of it. Blood sugar was 77. My stomach was just slightly distended below the belly. I had some watered down black tea and half a cup of water with some organic lime juice and […]

Fall Fast Day 10

Not much to report really. Still have some die off from the probees (and fasting of course) but it’s tolerable. Today I increased the ProSymbioflor and l. reuteri slightly. My tongue still looks greenish-white. It’s gross but scraping it does nothing. Definitely detoxing.

Today was a “free” day and I spent it walking Mojo, reading […]

Fall Fast Day 9

Yesterday I took a small amount of 2 different probiotics and about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp sauerkraut brine. I am definitely feeling it today but it’s not near as bad as it was before I started the fast. That amount of SK brine and probees would have made for a horrible day the next day. […]

Fall Fast Day 7

I meant to blog every day but as so often that hasn’t happened. Today is day 7 and yesterday I finally got to my destination – Beaufort, NC. It is such a pretty little town and I already took Mojo swimming yesterday. I hope to find an even better place for him to swim today […]

Fall Fast Day 2

I started my fast yesterday. I had a tiny bit of coffee in the AM (less than 1/4 cup) and otherwise just water, tea, clear veggie broth, and some fat (VCO, beef fat). Overall I felt pretty good, no headache, no increased fatigue, etc. and I got a lot done. I washed and vacuumed my […]