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Memories of Mojo 09.04.2012

This was our first long weekend without Mojo. DH was off work from Thursday through yesterday and it was strange not having Mojo here. We left the house a few times just to get out and not be reminded of the fact that he is gone.

Yesterday we also finally went through old pictures of […]

Memories of Mojo 08.29.2012

Yesterday was a rough day. Thankfully today is a little bit better. I had more energy so I have been staying busy most of the day.

As I was mowing the lawn earlier today I was thinking of the fact that Dr. K often referred to Mojo as a gentle giant. He really was – […]

Memories of Mojo 08.28.2012

It has been hard to write about Mojo. I think about him every single day, but sometimes it just hurts so much that he is gone, and to write about stuff he did. The house feels empty and quiet without him…almost lifeless. If you are wondering about our other dog Pepper, she is just not […]

Memories of Mojo 08.23.2012

When we still lived in Austin, and were able to leave the dogs in the backyard while we were out, DH built a really nice dog house for them. It was so nice I told DH the city of Austin might require a building permit if they were to see it. He put shingles on […]

Memories of Mojo 08.21.2012

Today has been a rough day. I started prepping a batch of Kimchi after DH went to work then let it “marinade” while I mowed the back yard (I mowed the front yesterday). Cleaned the lawn mower when I was done then cleaned the trash can after Waste Management picked up the trash. When I […]

Memories of Mojo 08.20.2012

My little boy loved to swim and I mean he LOVED it. In Austin we had a little pool in the front yard that he swam in just about every day. It was 3 feet deep on one end, and about 4 feet deep on the other end. The pool wasn’t very big, only about […]

Memories of Mojo 08.19.2012

I believe I mentioned in one of my other posts that Mojo weighed around 55 lbs when we first got him. He grew quickly and at his heaviest, he was around 110 lbs. However, for the most part he hovered right around 100 lbs and that was a good weight for him.

Like a lot […]

Memories of Mojo 08.18.2012

Mojo loved and lived for food. This picture is of him standing in the kitchen while I was cooking hoping something will drop or that I would feed him something. I have to admit I often did and that just encouraged him standing behind me or beside me the entire time I was cooking […]

Memories of Mojo 08.17.2012

Since I am home most of the day I do most of my “living” downstairs with my laptop set up on the coffee table. Quite often as I was sitting there, leaning forward and typing away, Mojo would come over and stick his big, cute head through my arms and just sit down, so […]

Memories of Mojo 08.16.2012

My sweet friend Starlene of GAPS Diet Journey called me earlier today to check on me and to see how I am holding up. We talked about Mojo of course and I also mentioned Dr. Dahlgren’s recommendation during yesterday’s phone consult about journaling daily about positive memories of Mojo. Starlene suggested that I […]